Members of CHART and ClarkLindsey Tour IATP in Springfield

On January 11, 2024 CHART Director Wendy Rogers, CHART Coordinator Carrie Wennerdahl, and CHART members Harshal Mahajan, Shannon Mejia, and Raksha Mudar visited the Illinois Assistive Technology Program (IATP) in Springfield, Illinois. They were joined by a team from ClarkLindsey which included, CHART Steering Committee Member Deb Reardanz as well staff  members Kristy Stoker, Vickie Wilson, and Sarah Cook.

The IATP mission is to offer access to assistive technology (AT) devices and services to promote independence and support an individual’s participation in all aspects of life. The program supports the residents of Illinois of all ages with disabilities and health conditions. IATP offers training, technical assistance, and many contracted services that include evaluations conducted by professional providers.  IATP offers services to help customers learn more about what equipment is available to fit their individual needs and provides education on proper use. IATP has a maker’s lab where design and development of custom 3D fabrications occur and a reuse and loaner program that helps customers access AT devices.

Host, Willie Gunther, IATP Executive Director, facilitated a tour of the program that included visits to the AT Demonstration Center, Makers Program, Smart Home, Tech Kitchen, Illinois Care Connections Program, Device Loan, and Reuse Program. The day was complete with an IATP sponsored lunch where an abundance of conversation and collaboration took place. 

The CHART team was impressed by the expertise the IATP staff members. We enjoyed talking with each person we met throughout the day. Each person demonstrated happiness and pride in their work and believed in the value of their department.

This rewarding experience offered knowledge of an important resource for Illinois residents and solidified a partnership between CHART and IATP.  We look forward to future collaborations.