Diversity Research Laboratory

Contact Information:

Director – Liza Berdychevsky

Mission Statement: The mission of the Diversity Research Laboratory is to advocate diversity by facilitating, producing and disseminating multidisciplinary research dedicated to leisure as it relates to diverse and distinct communities. The Department of Recreation, Sport and Tourism at the University of Illinois has established the Diversity Research Laboratory (DRL) to facilitate, produce and disseminate multidisciplinary research dedicated to understanding leisure as it relates to the richness that diversity brings to community life. Research projects conducted within the laboratory explore the relationships between ethnicity, race, gender issues, aging, disability, lifestyle choices, immigration status and leisure. The DRL aims to increase understanding of diverse and distinct populations by mobilizing faculty, graduate students, colleagues from other departments and universities and promoting communication and cooperation between researchers and practitioners. Finally, a central goal of the DRL is to serve as an advocate for diversity.