Steering Committee

Steering Committee

Tanya Gallagher

Tanya Gallagher – Speech and Hearing Science

Kesh Kesavadas

Kesh Kesavadas – Health Care Engineering Center & College of Engineering

Sean Mullen

Sean Mullen – Kinesiology and Community Health

Laura Payne

Laura Payne – Recreation, Sport, & Tourism

Deb Reardanz

Deb Reardanz – CEO, Clark-Lindsey Village

Elizabeth Stine-Morrow

Elizabeth Stine-Morrow – Beckman Institute & Educational Psychology

Ex Officio from Center on Health, Aging, and Disability — CHAD

Wendy Bartlo

Wendy Bartlo — Proposal Development & Outreach Specialist

Jacob Sosnoff

Jacob Sosnoff — Associate Director

Jeff Woods

Jeff Woods – Director